Nominees: PN94 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)All Information

The following named officers for appointment in the United States Air Force to the grade indicated under title 10, U.S.C., section 624:

To be Brigadier General

Col. Dagvin R. M. Anderson
Col. Jason R. Armagost
Col. Craig R. Baker
Col. Gentry W. Boswell
Col. Richard H. Boutwell
Col. Ryan L. Britton
Col. Brian R. Bruckbauer
Col. Lance R. Bunch
Col. Todd D. Canterbury
Col. Case A. Cunningham
Col. Evan C. Dertien
Col. Michael L. Downs
Col. Troy E. Dunn
Col. Derek C. France
Col. David M. Gaedecke
Col. Philip A. Garrant
Col. Anthony W. Genatempo
Col. Kristin E. Goodwin
Col. Christopher J. Ireland
Col. David R. Iverson
Col. Joel D. Jackson
Col. Ronald E. Jolly Sr.
Col. Michael G. Koscheski
Col. David J. Kumashiro
Col. John D. Lamontagne
Col. Leah G. Lauderback
Col. Charles B. McDaniel
Col. John C. Millard
Col. Albert G. Miller
Col. John J. Nichols
Col. Robert G. Novotny
Col. Lansing R. Pilch
Col. Donna D. Shipton
Col. Jeremy T. Sloane
Col. Phillip A. Stewart
Col. David H. Tabor