Nominees: PN1389 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)All Information

The following named Air National Guard of the United States officers for appointment in the Reserve of the Air Force to the grade indicated under title 10, U.S.C., sections 12203 and 12212:

To be Brigadier General

Col. AnnMarie K. Anthony
Col. Taft O. Aujero
Col. Douglas B. Baker
Col. Robert D. Bowie
Col. Barbra S. Buls
Col. Donald K. Carpenter
Col. Konata A. Crumbly
Col. Johan A. Deutscher
Col. Patrick W. Donaldson
Col. Bradford R. Everman
Col. Virginia I. Gaglio
Col. Caesar R. Garduno
Col. Patrick M. Hanlon
Col. Robert E. Hargens
Col. Jeffrey L. Hedges
Col. Samuel C. Keener
Col. Robert I. Kinney
Col. Jerry P. Reedy
Col. Bryan E. Salmon
Col. Tamala A. Saylor
Col. James S. Shigekane
Col. Kimbra L. Sterr
Col. Michael A. Valle
Col. Brian E. Vaughn