Nominees: PN2075 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)All Information

The following-named Members of the Foreign Service of the Departments of Commerce to be a Consular Officer and a Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America:

Foreign Service


  • Scott L. Anderson, of TX
  • Careylou S. Arun, of MD
  • Randall E. Bussman, of VA
  • John W. Cabeca, of CA
  • Ann E. Chaitovitz, of NY
  • Santiago Davila, of CA
  • Jeffrey D. Dutton, of DC
  • Bruce J. Ellsworth, of VA
  • Robert D. Gaines, of AZ
  • Robyn E. Garfield, of MD
  • Bryan J. Goldfinger, of CA
  • John G. Haberstock, of NJ
  • Frederick J. Helfrich, of PA
  • Cynthia C. Henderson, of VA
  • Melissa A. Hill, of CA
  • Michael Imbrogna, of MA
  • Christine M. Kelley, of VA
  • Antonios Louloudakis, of VA
  • Michael A. Marangell, of CA
  • Dorian S. Mazurkevich, of PA
  • Heather S. McLeod, of DC
  • Kolbjorn T. Nelson, of MN
  • Seth Oppenheim, of DC
  • Richard A. Pearson, of MA
  • Craig R. Phildius, of FL
  • Daniel T. Pint, of NY
  • Irwin H. Roberts, of NC
  • Adam S. Roth, of NJ
  • Jennifer A. Shore, of FL
  • William J. Toerpe, of AL
  • Christopher W. Wilken, of WV
  • Duncan F. Willson, of DC
  • Susan F. Wilson, of PA
  • Christopher JB. Wong, of DC
  • Conrad WP. Wong, of VA