Nominees: PN696-1 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)All Information

The following named officers for appointment in the Reserve of the Army to the grades indicated under title 10, U.S.C., section 12203:

Nominee Position
Brig. Gen. Rodney L. FaulkMajor General
Brig. Gen. Deborah L. KotulichMajor General
Brig. Gen. Frederick R. MaioccoMajor General
Brig. Gen. Gregory J. MosserMajor General
Brig. Gen. John H. PhillipsMajor General
Brig. Gen. Joe D. RobinsonMajor General
Brig. Gen. Alberto C. RosendeMajor General
Brig. Gen. Richard C. Staats Jr.Major General
Brig. Gen. Kevin C. WulfhorstMajor General
Col. Timothy E. BrennanBrigadier General
Col. Cary J. Cowan Jr.Brigadier General
Col. Christopher J. DziubekBrigadier General
Col. Jeffrey M. FarrisBrigadier General
Col. Robert E. GuidryBrigadier General
Col. Michelle A. LinkBrigadier General
Col. Laurence S. LintonBrigadier General
Col. Pamela L. McGahaBrigadier General
Col. Steven B. McLaughlinBrigadier General
Col. Joseph A. PapenfusBrigadier General
Col. Joseph A. RicciardiBrigadier General
Col. Patricia R. WallaceBrigadier General
Col. David P. WarshawBrigadier General
Col. Stuart E. WernerBrigadier General
Col. Wanda N. WilliamsBrigadier General