Actions: PN262 — 97th Congress (1981-1982)

Date Senate Actions
06/19/1981Confirmed by the Senate by Unanimous Consent.
06/17/1981Placed on Senate Executive Calendar. Calendar No. 240.
06/17/1981Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs discharged by Consent Vote
06/02/1981Referred to Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs by unanimous consent for a period of not to exceed 15 days.
06/02/1981Committee on Small Business. Reported to Senate by Senator Weickerfavorably without written report.
06/02/1981Committee on Small Business. Ordered to be reported favorably.
05/21/1981Referred to Senate Committee on Small Business by unanimous consent If and when reported by the Committee on Small Business, to be referred to the Committee on Governmental Affairs for a period of not to exceed 15 days.
05/12/1981Received in the Senate.