On the House Floor on January 17, 2019 116th Congress (2019-2020)

Bills and Resolutions

  • H.R.251

    Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Program Extension Act

  • H.R.150

    Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act of 2019

  • H.Res.57

    Electing Members to certain standing committees of the House of Representatives.

  • H.Res.52

    Providing for consideration of the joint resolution (H.J. Res. 28) making further continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2019, and for other purposes, and providing for consideration of motions to suspend the rules.

  • H.J.Res.30

    Disapproving the President's proposal to take an action relating to the application of certain sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation.

  • H.J.Res.28

    Further Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2019