On the House Floor on October 28, 2019 116th Congress (2019-2020)

Bills and Resolutions

  • H.R.4860

    Crowdfunding Amendments Act

  • H.R.4334

    Dignity in Aging Act of 2019

  • H.R.4067

    Financial Inclusion in Banking Act of 2019

  • H.R.3942

    Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act

  • H.R.2781

    Educating Medical Professionals and Optimizing Workforce Efficiency and Readiness for Health Act of 2019

  • H.R.2514

    Coordinating Oversight, Upgrading and Innovating Technology, and Examiner Reform Act of 2019

  • H.R.2502

    Transparency in Federal Buildings Projects Act of 2019

  • H.R.2440

    Full Utilization of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Act

  • H.R.2423

    Women's Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act

  • H.R.2115

    Public Disclosure of Drug Discounts and Real-Time Beneficiary Drug Cost Act

  • H.R.1865

    National Law Enforcement Museum Commemorative Coin Act

  • H.R.1781

    Payment Commission Data Act of 2019

  • H.R.1775

    Notice to Airmen Improvement Act of 2019

  • H.R.1306

    Federal Disaster Assistance Coordination Act

  • H.R.886

    Veteran Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2019

  • H.R.728

    Title VIII Nursing Workforce Reauthorization Act of 2019

  • H.R.647

    Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act