On the House Floor on November 12, 2019 116th Congress (2019-2020)

Bills and Resolutions

  • H.R.4771

    VA Tele-Hearing Modernization Act

  • H.R.4625

    Protect the GI Bill Act

  • H.R.4477

    Reducing High Risk to Veterans and Veterans Services Act

  • H.R.4360

    VA Overpayment Accountability Act

  • H.R.4356

    Protecting Families of Fallen Servicemembers Act

  • H.R.4162

    GI Bill Planning Act of 2019

  • H.R.3996

    VA Design-Build Construction Enhancement Act of 2019

  • H.R.3224

    Deborah Sampson Act

  • H.R.1424

    Fallen Warrior Battlefield Cross Memorial Act