On the House Floor on January 28, 2020 116th Congress (2019-2020)

Bills and Resolutions

  • H.R.5338

    Global Hope Act of 2019

  • H.R.4331

    Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2019

  • H.R.2153

    Keeping Girls in School Act

  • H.Res.811

    Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 3621) to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to remove adverse information for certain defaulted or delinquent private education loan borrowers who demonstrate a history of loan repayment, and for other purposes, and providing for consideration of the Senate amendment to the bill (H.R. 550) to award a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to the United States Merchant Mariners of World War II, in recognition of their dedicated and vital service during World War II.

  • H.Res.752

    Supporting the rights of the people of Iran to free expression, condemning the Iranian regime for its crackdown on legitimate protests, and for other purposes.

  • H.Con.Res.86

    Providing for a joint session of Congress to receive a message from the President.