On the Senate Floor on July 31, 2019 116th Congress (2019-2020)

Bills and Resolutions

  • H.R.3245

    Restore the Harmony Way Bridge Act

  • S.2052

    A bill to authorize the honorary promotion of Colonel Charles E. McGee to brigadier general in the United States Air Force.

  • H.R.1079

    Creating Advanced Streamlined Electronic Services for Constituents Act of 2019

  • H.R.776

    Emergency Medical Services for Children Program Reauthorization Act of 2019

  • H.R.639

    To amend section 327 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to clarify that National Urban Search and Rescue Response System task forces may include Federal employees.

  • S.Res.285

    A resolution designating September 2019 as "School Bus Safety Month".

  • S.Res.263

    A resolution honoring the 100th anniversary of The American Legion.

  • H.Con.Res.53

    Authorizing the use of Emancipation Hall for an event to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first African slaves to the territory that would become the United States.


  • PN933


  • PN932


  • PN931


  • PN930


  • PN929


  • PN928


  • PN927


  • PN926


  • PN925


  • PN924


  • PN923


  • PN922

    Darren K. Purcell — Army

  • PN921

    Virginia L. Egli — Army

  • PN920

    Howard G. Rice — Army

  • PN919

    Rochelle S. Pressley — Army

  • PN918

    Luciano G. Mizerani — Army

  • PN917

    Simone M. Edwards — Army

  • PN916

    Ernest M. Dorema — Army

  • PN915

    Marie P. Corpuz — Army

  • PN914

    Patrick D. Clary — Army

  • PN913

    Joseph P. Blakeney — Army

  • PN912

    Joshua S. Anderson — Army

  • PN911

    Air Force

  • PN910

    Air Force

  • PN909

    Air Force

  • PN908

    Thomas D. Ausherman — Air Force

  • PN907

    John W. Poulter — Air Force

  • PN906

    Rear Adm. Todd C. Wiemers — Coast Guard

  • PN884

    Christopher D. McLin — Marine Corps

  • PN882

    Sean M. Williams — Marine Corps

  • PN881

    Kyle A. Ugone — Marine Corps

  • PN880

    Timothy K. Gallagher Jr. — Marine Corps

  • PN879

    Eric A. Polonsky — Navy

  • PN878

    Benny P. Volkmann — Navy

  • PN877

    Christopher M. Johnson — Navy

  • PN876


  • PN875

    Roger M. Lewis — Army

  • PN874


  • PN873

    Larry D. Crowder — Army

  • PN872

    Air Force

  • PN871

    Air Force

  • PN869

    Judy A. Rattan — Air Force

  • PN868

    Robert K. Rankin Jr. — Air Force

  • PN867

    Maj. Gen. David G. Bellon — Marine Corps

  • PN866

    Col. Robert T. Wooldridge II — Army

  • PN865

    Maj. Gen. Ronald J. Place — Army

  • PN864

    Lt. Gen. Bryan P. Fenton — Army

  • PN799

    Maj. Gen. Mary F. O'Brien — Air Force

  • PN791

    Foreign Service

  • PN790

    Foreign Service

  • PN789

    Foreign Service

  • PN785

    Foreign Service

  • PN781

    Mary M. Rowland — The Judiciary

  • PN780

    Martha Maria Pacold — The Judiciary

  • PN727

    William Shaw Stickman IV — The Judiciary

  • PN712

    Kelly Craft — Department of State

  • PN653

    Air Force

  • PN609

    Foreign Service

  • PN608

    William S. Martin — Foreign Service

  • PN605

    Foreign Service

  • PN512

    Brantley Starr — The Judiciary

  • PN510

    Jeffrey Vincent Brown — The Judiciary

  • PN454

    Jason K. Pulliam — The Judiciary

  • PN363

    Coast Guard

  • PN259

    John Milton Younge — The Judiciary

  • PN232

    Karin J. Immergut — The Judiciary

  • PN207

    Mark T. Pittman — The Judiciary


  • S.Res.302

    A resolution designating September 2019 as "National Child Awareness Month" to promote awareness of charities that benefit children and youth-serving organizations throughout the United States, and recognizing the efforts made by those charities and organizations on behalf of children and youth as critical contributions to the future of the United States.

  • S.Res.301

    A resolution honoring the 50th anniversary of the return of the Indiana Rangers.

  • S.Res.300

    A resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Public Health Week.

  • S.Res.295

    A resolution designating the month of September 2019 as "Campus Fire Safety Month".

  • S.Res.294

    A resolution designating August 16, 2019, as "National Airborne Day".

  • S.Con.Res.24

    A concurrent resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Food and Nutrition Service of the Department of Agriculture .