Private Laws

Bills that have been enacted as private laws appear on this list. To access law texts pre-dating 1995, visit a Federal Depository Library. (Public laws are in a separate list.)

101st Congress (1989-1990)

Private Law Number Bill Number and Title Date
PVTL 101-16 H.R.3298 - For the relief of Benjamin H. Fonorow. 11/16/1990
PVTL 101-15 S.620 - A bill for the relief of Leroy W. Shebal of North Pole, Alaska. 11/15/1990
PVTL 101-14 H.R.3642 - For the relief of Izzydor Shever. 11/15/1990
PVTL 101-13 H.R.1230 - For the relief of Jocelyne Carayannis and Marie Carayannis. 11/15/1990
PVTL 101-12 H.R.3791 - For the relief of Beulah C. Shifflett. 11/08/1990
PVTL 101-11 S.3043 - A bill for the relief of Nebraska Aluminum Castings, Inc. 11/06/1990
PVTL 101-10 S.3016 - A bill for the relief of Janice and Leslie Sedore and Ruth Hillman. 11/02/1990
PVTL 101-9 H.R.2961 - For the relief of Sonanong Poonpipat (Latch). 10/25/1990
PVTL 101-8 S.2680 - A bill to provide for the conveyance of lands to certain individuals in Stone County, Arkansas. 10/22/1990
PVTL 101-7 S.1814 - A bill for the relief of Wilson Johan Sherrouse. 10/17/1990
PVTL 101-6 S.1683 - A bill for the relief of Paula Grzyb. 10/17/1990
PVTL 101-5 S.1229 - A bill for the relief of Maria Luisa Anderson. 10/17/1990
PVTL 101-4 S.1128 - A bill for the relief of Richard Saunders. 10/17/1990
PVTL 101-3 H.R.756 - For the relief of Shelton Anthony Smith. 05/10/1990
PVTL 101-2 H.R.1020 - To permit reimbursement of relocation expenses of William D. Morger. 11/28/1989
PVTL 101-1 H.R.569 - For the relief of Maurice G. Hardy. 11/28/1989