Private Laws

Bills that have been enacted as private laws appear on this list. To access law texts pre-dating 1995, visit a Federal Depository Library. (Public laws are in a separate list.)

103rd Congress (1993-1994)

Private Law Number Bill Number and Title Date
PVTL 103-8 H.R.808 - For the relief of James B. Stanley. 10/25/1994
PVTL 103-7 H.R.2411 - For the relief of Leteane Clement Monatsi. 10/22/1994
PVTL 103-6 H.R.2266 - For the relief of Orlando Wayne Naraysingh. 10/22/1994
PVTL 103-5 H.R.810 - For the relief of Elizabeth M. Hill. 10/18/1994
PVTL 103-4 S.537 - A bill for the relief of Tania Gil Compton. 08/01/1994
PVTL 103-3 H.R.572 - For the relief of Melissa Johnson. 08/01/1994
PVTL 103-2 H.R.1183 - To validate conveyances of certain lands in the State of California that form part of the right-of-way granted by the United States to the Central Pacific Railway Company. 07/05/1994
PVTL 103-1 S.1311 - A bill for the relief of Olga D. Zhondetskaya. 08/03/1993