Private Laws

Enacted bills and joint resolutions appear on this list after NARA assigns private law (PVTL) numbers. PVTL numbers link to slip law texts after they have been published by GPO. (Public laws are in a separate list.)

105th Congress (1997-1998)

Private Law Number Bill Number and Title Date
PVTL 105-10 (TXT | PDF) H.R.2744 - For the relief of Chong Ho Kwak. 11/10/1998
PVTL 105-9 (TXT | PDF) H.R.1949 - For the relief of Nuratu Olarewaju Abeke Kadiri. 11/10/1998
PVTL 105-8 (TXT | PDF) H.R.1834 - For the relief of Mercedes Del Carmen Quiroz Martinez Cruz. 11/10/1998
PVTL 105-7 (TXT | PDF) H.R.1794 - For the relief of Mai Hoa "Jasmine" Salehi. 11/10/1998
PVTL 105-6 (TXT | PDF) H.R.379 - For the relief of Larry Errol Pieterse. 11/10/1998
PVTL 105-5 (TXT | PDF) H.R.378 - For the relief of Heraclio Tolley. 11/10/1998
PVTL 105-4 (TXT | PDF) H.R.2732 - For the relief of John Andre Chalot. 11/21/1997
PVTL 105-3 (TXT | PDF) H.R.2731 - For the relief of Roy Desmond Moser. 11/21/1997
PVTL 105-2 (TXT | PDF) H.R.584 - For the relief of John Wesley Davis. 08/11/1997
PVTL 105-1 (TXT | PDF) S.768 - A bill for the relief of Michel Christopher Meili, Giuseppina Meili, Mirjam Naomi Meili, and Davide Meili. 07/29/1997