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You can access live and previously-aired coverage of House and Senate floor proceedings from the homepage. This guide provides sources for committee hearings and other Hill events.

The U.S. House of Representatives offers live streaming video of House floor proceedings and video archives dating back to spring 2017. Users can also view the floor summary, search closed captions, sort captions by the name of the Member speaking, and track legislative actions.

The U.S. Senate offers streaming video feeds of the Senate Floor Proceedings starting with the Second Session of the 112th Congress. You can view the current session, browse or search the archives, or view the summary, a text-only version of the proceedings. 

House Committee Hearings and Meetings Video provides access to live and archived webcasts of some House committee hearings, markups, and other meetings. For each committee, live streams appear if the committee is currently broadcasting. Otherwise, a list of previous video appears.


A good source of live and recent committee hearings in audio and video formats is the committees themselves. Many hearings are webcast live, and an archive of earlier events is often available. Links to House and Committee websites appear on each committee's landing page. See Committees of the U.S. Congress.

C-SPAN broadcasts live audio and video of House and Senate floor proceedings, committee hearings, and other Hill events. Broadcast begins after a pause if live coverage is occurring at the moment you arrive on the C-SPAN website. To change the channel to another event, click one of the "live stream" icons on the right side of the screen.

YouTube created and to organize the channels controlled by individual Senate and House offices. Find individual channels by selecting a state from a pulldown or map. Scroll past the map for links to selected videos and leadership offices.



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