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A question frequently asked by users is how to find roll call vote results on legislation. Here’s how to find the information for 115th Congress legislation using’s Legislation Advanced Search Form.

  1. Under the Congress section of the form, be sure that 115th is selected.
  2. Then, under Actions/Status, find Full List and select All Actions.
  3. Scroll down to the Roll Call Votes section and select the desired option: Roll call votes on measures in the House, Roll call votes on measures in the SenateRoll call votes on amendments in House, Roll call votes on amendments in Senate or any combination of these options.
  4. Select Apply, then select the Search button.

Your search will return items from the 115th Congress for which roll call votes were held in the chamber(s) selected.

In the search results list, you can use filters to further limit your results. For example, under Status of Legislation, you could choose the option only to see items that became law.

When you open a bill detail page from your search results, you will find a link to Roll Call Votes in the overview box. Click through to see the final vote results tallied.

For advanced searchers, a search for roll call vote results on legislation can also be accomplished using action codes. You can learn more about action codes and how to use them on’s Search Tools page.

If you know the number of the bill, resolution, or amendment for which you need roll call vote results, you can also use the Roll Call Votes by the U.S. Congress browse report, linked from the homepage under the Recent heading under Current Legislative Activities.


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