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This week, our tip focuses on easy ways to modify your saved searches to have them run against the new congress, and to continue to receive alerts for those searches.


  1. Log into your account, using the red Sign In link at the top right of the homepage.  
  2. Go to your Saved Searches page. On the Saved Search that you want to modify, select Edit Search. This will open the search form.
  3. On the search form, switch the Congress by unchecking the prior Congress and checking the new one. Then click Search.
  4. On the search results page, notice the result set and new result count. Also notice (Edited) next to your saved search name. Click on Save this Search to save the changes, and click the Save button on the pop-up box to save the search.
  5. A pop-up box appears asking you to confirm if you want to overwrite the existing saved search. Click Yes to save your old search with the new Congress selection.


Your modified saved search is now saved in your Saved Searches page, the search will now run against the new Congress, and you will continue to receive alerts about any activity on your search in the new Congress.

A note - if you don't already have a account set up, and would like to create one to save and receive alerts on your searches, you can go to to create your account. Detailed instructions are available at:


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