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An A to Z directory of help pages, research guides, lists, popular saved searches, and more. Legislative Process Glossary terms are in italics.

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Accounts - create a account to manage alerts and saved searches

Action on legislation - Browse by date - also called Yesterday in Congress, includes legislation introduced, reported, passed, and considered by the full House of Representatives or Senate each legislative day

Advanced search - advanced search options

Advanced search form - legislation only (93rd Congress-, 1973-)

Command line

Query builder


Alerts on - sign up for email alerts on members, individual bills, nominations, and the Congressional Record

Amendments - see also Legislation, Legislative Process resources 

Amendments to the Constitution - Constitution Annotated

Browse House and Senate amendments (97th Congress-, 1981-)

Related glossary terms 


amendment exchange

amendment in the nature of a substitute

Anomalies - legislative data anomalies on

to the U.S. Capitol - Capitol Visitor Center


Appropriations - see also Appropriations and Budget Research Guide 

 - House Rules Committee 

- Congressional Budget Office, previously titled Unauthorized appropriations and expiring authorizations 

Archived government websites

- National Archives

- Library of Congress

 Audio and Visual Coverage Research Guide


Bill - see Legislation

Bill of Rights

- National Archives resource

- Library of Congress resource

(1774- )

- Library of Congress online catalog

Browse lists - view items filtered by selected criteria and congresses on

Budget, budget process - see also Appropriations and Budget Research Guide

- Government Publishing Office

budget resolution [glossary term]

- bill status data


- live TV and radio coverage of proceedings of the U.S. Congress


calendar [glossary term]

See Calendars and Schedules Research Guide


Caucuses -  (115th Congress) |

CBO - Congressional Budget Office [glossary term]

- National Archives repository of congressional records

(1774-1875) - Library of Congress repository of congressional documents and debates 

 - Central Intelligence Agency 

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

-  Government Publishing Office (1996-)

 - Library of Congress (1938-1964)

 - Government Publishing Office

Committee reports resources

About committee reports of the U.S. Congress

Browse House reports | Senate reports | Executive reports

Search for committee reports

Related glossary terms

committee report 

conference report

congressional report

executive report

joint explanatory statement 

Committees resources

About committee hearings of the U.S. Congress

About congressional committee profiles

Committees of the U.S. Congress resource page

House Committee hearings and meetings video

Legislation with actions related to committees - House | Senate

Related glossary terms

committee chair 

committee-related activity 

committee / subcommittee 

Committee of the Whole 


conference committee




Committee websites - may include transcripts of hearings, markups, and reports



- finding aid

Communications resources

About communications to the House

About communications to the Senate

Browse communications to the House (114th Congress-, 2015-) | communications to the Senate (96th Congress-, 1979-) 

Search for House communications

Search for Senate communications

Related glossary terms


executive communication 



presidential message 


Congresses - field values list of congresses and corresponding years (70th Congress-, 1927-)

congress (i.e. 2-year time frame) [glossary term] - About resource page Notifications - subscribe to this email alert for news and information on new features and functions, system outages, and other items of interest to the community

Congressional agencies

- Congressional Budget Office

- Congressional Research Service


- Government Accountability Office

- Government Publishing Office

- Library of Congress

Congressional apportionment

 - Census Bureau

 - Census Bureau

 - Census Bureau

- House of Representatives 

- Government Publishing Office official directory

Congressional districts

- Census Bureau data on US, states, counties, congressional districts

- National Map Small-Scale Collection, a collaborative effort among the U.S. Geological Survey and federal, state, and local partners (106th-114th Congresses, 1999-2017) 

- Government Publishing Office, selected House of Representatives and Senate documents 

- House of Representatives 

(subscription required for full access)

Congressional Record - see also Daily Digest

About the Congressional Record

Most recent issue | Browse by date | Search

Congressional Record [glossary term]

Congressional Record Index - topical access to remarks and activities by Members, individuals, organizations, and legislative business mentioned in the Congressional Record

Constitution Annotated - Constitution of the United States: Analysis and Interpretation - Legal analysis and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, based on Supreme Court case law

Featured topics and cases

- Library of Congress resources for teachers

 - Copyright Office

- National Association of Counties 

CRS - Congressional Research Service

About CRS

CRS - Congressional Research Service [glossary term]


Daily Digest - see also Congressional Record

Browse by date

Most recent issue

Daily Digest [glossary term]

- machine readable data sets of the executive branch; launched May 2009 by Federal CIO Council

Days in Session calendars for U.S. House and U.S. Senate - see also Calendars and Schedules Research Guide

Declaration of Independence - Primary Documents in American History - Library of Congress web guide


Email alerts - subscribe to RSS and email alerts related to congressional activity and legislation 

Embed a search box - For instructions and code, go to How to Embed the Search Box on Your Website


(PDF) and other documents from the

Senate ethics manual (PDF) and other documents from the

Executive business

- See also Calendars and Schedules Research Guide

Related glossary terms

executive business 

Executive Calendar

executive session 

Executive orders

- National Archives (1945-1989) 

 - National Archives (1994-)

- National Archives, disposition tables listing the status of Executive Orders (January 8, 1937-January 20, 2017)

- White House

- National Archives

- Congressional Budget Office, previously titled Unauthorized appropriations and expiring authorizations 


FAQ - Frequently asked questions about

- Census Bureau data on the U.S., states, counties, and congressional districts

 - Government Publishing Office

federal depository library [glossary term]

Federal judiciary

 - U.S. Courts

 - U.S. Courts

Federal Register

- Government Publishing Office

- Government Publishing Office

- Government Publishing Office

- National Archives

and its page - find and comment on Federal Register documents

Federalist Papers

About the Federalist Papers

Feedback - submit a survey to

- case law, forms, find a lawyer


(and previous reports)

- Law Library of Congress

Glossary of legislative process terms

- official handbook of the federal government jointly published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives, and Government Publishing Office 

Government Research Guide - links to legislative, executive, judicial, state, local, and international government resources

- FDsys website will be retired and replaced by on December 14, 2018

- access to official publications of the federal government 

GPO - Government Publishing Office [glossary term]


Hearings - committee/subcommittee hearings

Browse and search

 - Government Publishing Office (87th Congress-, 1961-) 

 - Law Library of Congress (60th-109th Congresses, 1908-2006) 

 - House of Representatives Library (110th Congress-, 2007-) 


House committee hearings and meetings video - resource

Live audio and video of floor and committee proceedings - see Audio and Visual Coverage Research Guide

, transcripts, etc. - Law Librarians' Society

, listed by committee - House of Representatives

hearing [glossary term]

Help pages -


Coverage dates for legislative information

Frequently asked questions

Legislative documents that predate authenticated digital publishing

Linking to

Search tips overview

What’s new on

History of Bills - Government Publishing Office (98th Congress-, 1983-)

- updated day after Congressional Record published


House manual Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, and Rules of the House of Representatives

|  - Government Publishing Office (104th Congress-, 1995-) 

- usgpo/house-manual - GitHub - United States Legislative Markup (USLM) project

- Government Publishing Office

House of Representatives - see House of Representatives Research Guide

House precedents

| | - Government Publishing Office

(Latest PDF)

House Practice  - Government Publishing Office (104th Congress, 1995-1996), (108th Congress, 2003-2004), (112th Congress, 2011-2012), (115th Congress, 2017-) 

- Government Publishing Office 

House standing rules   Office of the Clerk-prepared version (116th Congress) |   (112th Congress-, 2011-2012)  

House of Representatives rules, House manuals, rules of the committees, and surveys of activities of the House Rules Committee

House Rules committee [glossary term]

How Our Laws Are Made - Learn About the Legislative Process - resource



 - Central Intelligence Agency 

- Northwestern University Library

 - Northwestern University Library

- United Nations 

- Library of Congress guide

international agreement [glossary term]


- official estimates for tax legislation considered by Congress

- House of Representatives 

- U.S. Courts



- The Law Library of Congress produces reports primarily for Members of Congress


Public laws

Private laws


- Speaker, majority and minority leaders, whips, etc.

 - House of Representatives History, Art & Archives

- President of the Senate, President Pro Tempore, majority and minority leaders, whips, etc.

- Democratic Conference, Republican Conference, party policy committees, historical lists

Legislation  - see also Amendments, Legislative Process

Browse reports on (93rd Congress-, 1973- unless otherwise noted)

Action on legislation - Browse by date - also called Yesterday in Congress, includes legislation introduced, reported, passed, and considered by the full House or Senate each legislative day

Bill and law texts received today

Bills by policy area term 

Bills introduced as private legislation 

Bills introduced by request 

House and Senate amendments (97th Congress-, 1981-)

Legislation with actions related to committees - House | Senate 

Legislative actions - reports of legislative actions taken per Congress and related bills

Most-viewed bills on (113th Congress-, 2014-)

Sponsors and cosponsors - House | Senate - browse legislation by sponsor or cosponsor


- Senate finding aid

- Law and Technology Resources for Legal Professionals (LLRX) guide

- Library of Congress guide

- see Common Versions of Bills table - Government Publishing Office

Related glossary terms (jump past glossary terms)


amendment in the nature of a substitute


bill summary

budget resolution

companion measure

concurrent resolution

continuing resolution (continuing appropriation)

engrossed measure

enrolled measure

identical bill

joint resolution 



official title

original bill

policy area term 

popular title

private bill 

procedurally-related measure

proposed/offered Senate amendment

related bill

reserved bill number

short title

simple resolution

slip law 

special rule


submitted Senate amendment  


Legislative histories 

- National Archives repository of congressional records

- Law Librarians' Society guide to producing legislative histories 

- Law Librarians' Society resource

Legislative process -  see also Amendments, Appropriations, Committees, LegislationVetoes

Enactment of a Law - by U.S. Senate Parliamentarian - resource

Legislative process videos - videos that explain common legislative phases 

Related glossary terms (jump past glossary terms)


adjournment sine die

amendment exchange


by request




en bloc







legislative action steps

legislative interest


motion to proceed to consider

motion to recommit

motion to table

ordered reported


party caucus / conference 


point of order

previous question

pro forma session


quorum call





suspension of the rules

unanimous consent agreement

unanimous consent request


legislative subject term [glossary term]

LIV - Legislative Indexing Vocabulary [glossary term]

Lobbying disclosure - |



- some provide the text of selected markups

- some provide the text of selected markups

markup [glossary term]

Media galleries - |

Members of Congress - find members and see sponsored and cosponsored legislation on

About congressional member profiles -

- Government Publishing Office, official directory of the U.S. Congress

- House of Representatives finding aid

- Government Publishing Office




NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) [glossary term]

News services

(subscription required for full access)


Nominations resources 

About nominations

Search nominations

Supreme Court nominations (97th Congress -, 1981-)

Related glossary terms


privileged nomination 

recess appointment 

Nominations resources 

- Senate

 - U.S. Courts

 - Law Library of Congress resources

Nongovernmental organizations (NGO)

 - United Nations 


- House of Representatives


 - House of Representatives History, Art & Archives (1st Congress-, 1789-) 

phrase searching - see Search Overview

Policy area term

Browse bills by policy area term   

Policy area terms - field value list

policy area term [glossary term]


- Public papers of the U.S. Presidents, hosted by the University of California, Santa Barbara

 - National Archives (1945-1989)

 - Government Publishing Office, daily and weekly updates including statements, messages, remarks (1993-) 

- National Archives

 - National Archives list of all presidential libraries 

Presidential nominations - see About Nominations

 - Clerk of the House resource (1st Congress-, 1789-) 

Private legislation

Browse private legislation

private bill [glossary term]

- voting data for members of Congress

Public laws

Public laws list - resource

- National Archives list of current public law numbers 


Quick Start Guide (PDF) - user guide


ranking member [glossary term]

Refine a search using facets (also called filters) - search guide

Regulations -  - Government Publishing Office |  - National Archives 

resolution of ratification [glossary term]

 - Senate (80th Congress-, 1947-)

Roll Call votes by the U.S. Congress - browse list (101st Congress-, 1989-) 

Rules, precedents, and procedures

Committee websites:   |

Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, and Rules of the House of Representatives - Government Publishing Office

House precedents - House practice (PDF), , , and  - Government Publishing Office

House procedures -  , and   - House Rules Committee

- House Rules Committee

(PDF) - House Rules Committee

Senate procedures -  - Government Publishing Office |   - Senate resource

 - Government Publishing Office


Schedules for Congress - see Calendars and Schedules Research Guide

Search help

Action search scope notes - help page on legislative actions searches

Search tips by category - browse search tips  

Search tools overview - help page on search basics

 - Senate resource

Senate - see Senate Research Guide

Senate standing rules   - Government Publishing Office

Sergeant at Arms - |

Sessions of Congress

Days in session calendars - see also the Calendars and Schedules Research Guide 

 - House of Representatives (1st Congress-, 1789-)  

 - House of Representatives (1st Congress-, 1789-)  

 - House of Representatives (1st Congress-, 1789-)  

Sessions of Congress (1st Congress-, 1789-) and   | See also  (1st -108th Congresses, 1789-2004)

 - Law Librarians' Society (1st Congress-, 1789-) 

Speaker of the House - see Leadership

Sponsors and cosponsors

Browse legislation by sponsor/cosponsor - House | Senate | Search

cosponsor [glossary term]

sponsor [glossary term]

State and local government 

 - State and local government on the net 

State legislature websites - resource

memorial [glossary term]


 - Census Bureau

- Census Bureau data on U.S., states, counties, and congressional districts

 - Senate resource (80th Congress-, 1947-) 

Statutes at Large

 - Law Library of Congress (1st-81st Congresses, 1789-1950) 

 - U.S. Government Publishing Office (82nd-112th Congresses, 1951-2011) 

 - Law Librarians' Society research guide 

Statute Compilations

Subcommittees - see Committees


- Library of Congress lesson plans about government, law, and politics

text similarities [glossary term]

Think tanks and advocacy groups

- Senate office of public records

- House of Representatives office of the clerk

- University of Michigan documents center, list of political science resources 

Tips - see Search Tips Overview

- Department of Commerce trade compliance center, text of trade agreements


Treaty document resources on

About treaty documents

Browse treaty documents by topic

Search treaty documents

Treaty resources

- Senate Rules and Administration Committee

- State Department

(PDF) - Senate Foreign Relations Committee print

- State Department

- State Department

- Law Library of Congress

Related glossary terms


treaty document

Twitter - The Law Library of Congress tweets about legislation and enhancements via @Congressdotgov.


- Congressional Budget Office (2000-2016); as of 2017, collection is titled Expired and expiring authorizations of appropriations 

United Nations 

- official handbook of the federal government

and the - House of Representatives office of the law revision counsel (OLRC)

U.S. founding documents resources

U.S. founding documents gallery -

Library of Congress online exhibit



- U.S. Courts

- Government Accountability Office search tool

Vetoes  - see also Legislation, Legislative Process

Browse vetoed legislation - resource

- Secretary of the Senate indexes (1st Congress, 1789-)

- Government Publishing Office

- House of Representatives (1st Congress-, 1789-)

veto [glossary term]

Vice Presidents

- House of Representatives (1st Congress-, 1789-) 

- Senate Library, complete list (1st Congress-, 1789-)

Video - see Audio and Visual Coverage Research Guide

Votes - see Votes in the House and Senate Research Guide


Website archives - National Archives, Clinton, Bush, and Obama administration websites (1994-)

White House Executive Clerk's office recording - (202) 456-2226


XML bulk data - bill status data



Zip code - - U.S. House of Representatives finding aid

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