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Building on a recent Tip that explained how to search for committee activities related to legislation using the Legislation Advanced Search form, today's tip highlights a new searchable committee activity added to the form as part of a recent release.

You can now use the Legislation Advanced Search form to find measures in which a House committee has expressed Legislative Interest, in addition to Referral, Hearings by, Markup, Reported by, Reported Original Measure, and Discharge. Legislative Interest is a label used by House committees to identify bills that haven’t been formally referred to the committee, but in which the committee expresses interest. Committee staff may informally contribute to such legislation. In some cases, the legislation may ultimately be referred to the committee for consideration of provisions that fall within the committee’s jurisdiction.

Try out this search for 113th Congress measures in which the House Homeland Security Committee expressed legislative interest. (Click Edit Search in the upper right corner to see search parameters in the form.)

  • From the Legislation Advanced Search form, under the Congress section, make sure that only the 113th Congress is selected. (The current congress is selected by default.)
  • Use the Committees section jump link on the right side of the form to navigate to the Committees section, or scroll down. 
  • Under the Committees section, all committee-related activity check boxes are selected by default. Uncheck Any to remove all of the selections with one click.
  • Select the check box for Legislative Interest.
  • Select the Choose House Committees button to open a full list of House committees.
  • From the list of committees, select the check box for the Homeland Security Committee.
  • Select Apply to return to the form. The committee selection appears on the right side of the form under the heading Your Selections.
  • Select the Search button. The search returns measures for which the House Homeland Security Committee expressed legislative interest during the 113th Congress.
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