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RSS and Email Alerts

Keeping up with Congress is easy with RSS and Email Alerts from Congress.gov. This page allows you to subscribe to a variety of RSS and Email alerts related to Congressional activity and legislation.

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Subscribe to RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that delivers news to a computer or mobile device. Congress.gov offers several RSS feeds for use in an RSS reader or RSS-enabled Web browser. For details about RSS, see the RSS help page on loc.gov.

Congress.gov Notifications
The Congress.gov Notifications alert will provide news and information about system outages, new features and functions, and other items of interest to the Congress.gov community.
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Most-Viewed Bills
A weekly top-ten list of the bills measured by page views on Congress.gov.
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Appropriations Tables
Congress.gov includes appropriation tables to simplify the process of tracking legislative appropriation bills. Each time the table is updated, this feed will let you know what has been added to the table.
Bills Presented to the President
When a piece of legislation that requires the President's signature to become law passes Congress, this feed will alert you that the legislation has been submitted to the President for his or her signature.
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On the House Floor Today
Legislation brought to the floor of the United States House of Representatives.
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On the Senate Floor Today
Legislation brought to the floor of the United States Senate.
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In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress
The latest posts from the award winning Law Library of Congress blog, In Custodia Legis, featuring news about Congress.gov, topical articles concerning foreign and domestic law, and an insider's view of the happenings in and around the Library of Congress and Capitol Hill.
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How to Get Email Alerts

To receive alerts by email, you must first create a Congress.gov account. Alert setup depends on the type of alert.

Congressional Record

Receive an email every time the Congressional Record is published.

Bill Activity Alerts

To get notified when there is activity on a specific bill or a new summary, sign up for alerts on that bill's page.

Member Activity Alerts

To get notified when a specific member sponsors or cosponsors a bill, sign up for alerts on that member's page.

Nomination Alerts

To receive email alerts for new actions on a nomination, select "Get alerts" from the nomination page.

Saved Search Alerts

To get notified when there has been a change to the results set for your saved search, save a search, click "Get alerts," and confirm.

Committee Schedule Alerts

Receive a notification containing the weekly committee schedule every Monday.